How do I get a Bunny?

If you are keen to have your own NFT Bunny, here is how you can do that. The most obvious method is of course to mint one, either from contract or from the Marketplace.

How do I sell BNBBunnies?

To sell Bunnies, head over to the "My bunnies" page. Click on relevant buttons. When that is done, the Bunnies get automatically listed on the "Marketplace" page.

How to buy a costume for my Bunny?

It's simple! Choose the costume that you believe will look best on your Bunny. Next, click on the "Buy" button followed by the payment process via Metamask.

When is it the earliest for my Bunny to get adorned by the new costume?

The process takes a few days, which is the minimum time needed for the order to be processed. Also, it's just one costume that your bunny can have at a time.

Are BNBBunnies like Bitcoin?

First things first; BNBBunnies and Cryptocurrencies are NEVER the same. Rather, BNBBunnies can well be considered as Cryptocollectibles. Here is how it can be explained even better; Cryptocurrencies are more likes dollars or pounds, while BNBBunnies can be considered more like assets, such as baseball cards or a piece of fine art. As the Smart contract depicts, you are the sole owner of any BNBBunny that you own. As it is with real-world stuff, like a product or property that you own, the market price depends on factors like demand, relative availability as well as the price that you are demanding.

Can BNBBunnies be used with my phone?

Yes, but you will need the Cipher app for BNB to do that.

What are my requirements for playing BNBBunnies?

Here is what you will need to start playing: a desktop or laptop device, that has the desktop versions of Firefox or Chrome browsers installed on it. A digital wallet named MetaMask is solely used with web apps, digital payment service named BNB from Binance. The latter again can be bought on a digital exchange.

Why can't I see my Bunnies?

Important! Your wallet should be connected to BSC Chain. Details are below.

What is "gas"?

Gas refers to the price to be paid for a transaction or contract to be executed in the Binance Smart contract. We used BSC as fees are low. The latter again happens to be the Blockchain network that provides the ecosystem for BNBBunnies to operate and function in. Also, another unique feature of Blockchain is that there is no centralised server in the entire scheme of things. As such, all transactions are channeled through several computers so that the entire operation is decentralized. This again happens to be a safety feature which makes every token secure and unique with no two Bunnies being the same. On the flip side, all of this increases overhead costs as more processing depth is needed to process each transaction, something that gas pays for. This is measured in terms of Gwei where Ether/ETH comes to 1 million Gwei.

Installing MetaMask

MetaMask is a digital wallet, and you got to have it installed on your device to make transactions using BNBBunnies. Think of it as a bank account, which means it has to be accorded the same levels of security as a bank account. In other words, the password or seed words has to be treated with utmost care. Also, needless to say, you got to have a decent balance in your wallet to add to your purchasing power.

Reinstalling MetaMask

Uninstalling followed by re-installing a program is often the most common way to deal with bugs. The same applies to MetaMask as well, and the process couldn't be any simpler. All you need to have is the seed word, and you are almost done. After you have made a fresh installation of MetaMask just import the twelve seed words and you are good to go. You will also be provided the option to set your password, which can be either a new one or the one used before.


There is a fee of 0.025 BNB for all for sale listing. 0.5% fees on all successful bunny sales.

How to view my Bunnies in MetaMask?

Go to MetaMask "Add Token". In "Custom Token" tab put this address 0x463BF921D9648Bd7a4b7eE0e21C755Edc538f366, you should see BNNY. Never transfer your Bunnies from MetaMask. Use the site.

What is Approve/Dissaprove Transfers

Approve/Dissaprove is a security feature. If you are not listing your bunny for sale click dissaprove transfers.

What is our Smart contract Address?